The censorship of anti-Hillary: Email leaks show Hillary’s ties with Google and Facebook

Many citizens across the United States are increasingly waking up to the fact that they are being manipulated not just through the mainstream media, but also social networks and search engines. The current trend seems to be showing a conspiracy by these groups working together to assist in helping to elect Hillary Clinton.

Six months prior to Clinton’s announcement that she would be running for President of the United States, there were discreet email conversations taking place between her current campaign management and companies such as Facebook, Apple and Google. These companies have all been working directly with Hillary’s campaign since it’s inception.

Digital strategist for the Clinton campaign Teddy Goff wrote a memo to Clinton that was exposed on Wikileaks. The memo includes the importance of the campaign forming “working relationships” with the likes of Google, Apple, Facebook, and other technology companies. “We have begun having discreet conversations with some of these companies to get a sense of their priorities for the coming cycle, but would encourage you, as soon as your technology leadership is in place, to initiate more formal discussions,” he wrote.

Google’s Eric Schmidt was also addressed in the memo and identified as having a team assembled and hard at work. Although that team wasn’t addressed by name, Schmidt funds a tech startup called The Groundwork which is on the Hillary campaign’s payroll. There’s no denying the well documented working relationship between Hillary and the media. We all know that she has purchased the best marketing plan available for her campaign and it shows when we turn on the television and surf the web.

Media is a very powerful tool. There’s good reason why companies buy online ad space, film commercials, sponsor events, etc. Hillary is trying to win with the media. Media bias can easily push a voter off the fence and the Clinton campaign has been working to have it instilled upon startup. If the best marketing scheme secures the election — the party is over. It is not a secret that Hillary controls the mainstream media, it’s a strategy.