Election2016.news launched: Monitor real-time independent media stories on the top candidates Donald Trump, Ben Carson, Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton

As part of our fast-expanding real-time news intelligence network called FETCH.news, we’ve just launched Election2016.news.

It features real-time news from the independent media (all mainstream media propaganda sources are banned) covering the top four presidential candidates for 2016.

Currently, that list is Donald Trump, Ben Carson, Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton. But the list may change. If Clinton ever does America a favor and drops out of the race for good, we’ll replace her evacuated column with the next candidate who hopefully isn’t a treasonous government criminal and chronic liar.

Donald Trump, of course, occupies the first column because he’s currently in first place. (He also wants to “put America first,” so the position fits. Americans are sick and tired of establishment candidates like Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton, and they know that unless someone radical comes along and shakes up Washington, this nation is headed for economic, social and judicial collapse.

Election2016.news is refreshed with new breaking news headlines every hour. Check it out now!

Here’s a screen shot of what it looks like:

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