Woman claiming to be attacked by three ‘anti-Muslim’ Trump supporters was just charged for filing fake report

A lot of annoying things have grown out of the presidential victory of Donald J. Trump, but none are quite as frustrating, or potentially harmful, as all of the hoaxes that liberals are now pushing forward in hopes that they will turn the rest of the world against him. In the single month that has followed since the election, we have seen dozens of these hate crime hoaxes pop up, but the mainstream media still insists on treating all of the accusations as if they are ironclad proof that Trump is inciting hate crimes. It’s absolutely insane, but it hadn’t shown any signs of slowing down — until now.

Muslim New York resident Yasmin Seweid made claims that a trio of Trump supporters attacked her on the subway because she was wearing a hijab. The mainstream media took the story and ran with it, never wanting to even consider the idea that the story wasn’t completely true. Unfortunately for them, the New York Police Department immediately disproved Seweid’s story and she later admitted that she had fabricated the entire thing. Not only was she not attacked by three Trump supporters, she wasn’t attacked at all. It was all a lie.

While the leftists running the media have defended lies in the past, even they struggled to make Seweid come across as anything but a maniacal liar. Even the ultra-liberal New York Daily News couldn’t defend the woman, writing, “She blames problems at home, a family that would have been angry that she was out past curfew drinking. At age 18, she is old enough to know better. Old enough to be held criminally responsible for her false report. Shame, deep shame, on her.”

The ever-growing trend of people making up lies and hoaxes in order to push various agendas has become way too common. It’s important that the people responsible for these hoaxes and false police reports are punished to the fullest extent of the law. That’s the only way that lies like the one pushed by Seweid will cease to exist.

Furthermore, the mainstream media needs to do a better job of reporting on these events. Since they have spent the past month rampaging about “fake news,” it’s incredibly ironic that they are the ones spreading fake new by pretending that these events actually happened. Fact-checking and using language that makes it clear that nothing has been proven yet is of utmost importance. That’s how we all gain the truth. And what we need right now is truth.






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